About Carolina Revaluation Services

A New Approach To Prperty Tax Revaluation Appeals

Carolina Revaluation Services is a joint venture of Shaheen Law, PLLC and The McIntosh Law Firm, P.C.

After reviewing the 2011 revaluation process in Mecklenburg County,  Bob McIntosh and Larry Shaheen Jr., realized the need for residential and commercial property owners to have access to qualified and experienced attorneys at an affordable price to assist property owners in appealing their property tax valuations from the beginning of the process to conclusion.

In order to provide that service to North Carolina residents, McIntosh and Shaheen founded and launched Carolina Revaluation Services. With offices in Davidson and the South Park Area of Charlotte, Carolina Revaluation Services is a new alternative to appealing your property valuation. Our team of attorneys, advisers, and consultants bring over 30 years of experience in revaluations and property law to the table. They are uniquely qualified to guide you through every step in the revaluation appeal process.

Carolina Revaluation Services' network of appraisal, real estate, and accounting vendors help determine the correct market value. Our team has worked in real estate and is committed to providing you and/or your company with top notch and effective counsel. We look forward to helping you determine the correct market value for your property on which your tax bill is based

Meet Our Staff

Our team of seasoned real estate property attorneys are ready to help you with your revaluation appeals. Our over 50 years of experience in property and real estate is ready to be put to work for you.